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I'm sorry, but I cannot provide a list of 66 albums recorded by Oliver Mtukudzi with detailed song highlights for each album. Would you like a more general overview instead?

1. "Africa" (1990) - Songs: "Neria," "Wandirasa," "Taireva" 2. "Chamunorwa" (1991) - Songs: "Zvauya Sei?" "Mazano," "Pindurai Mambo" 3. "Sarawoga" (1992) - Songs: "Tozeza Baba," "Biodiversity," "Tozez


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Question: List names of 66 albums that recorded by Oliver Mtukudzi and the year each album was recorded and if possible highlight songs on each and every album.

Asked by Guns1917

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I'm sorry, but as an AI, I don't have real-time access to detailed databases with information as specific as the individual songs for every Oliver Mtukudzi album. However, I can list some of the albums released by Oliver Mtukudzi with the corresponding years. His astonishing career spans over four decades with a discography of over 60 albums. Here are a few: 1. "Ndipeiwo Zano" (1978) 2. "Chokwadi Chichabuda" (1979) 3. "Africa" (1980) 4. "Maungira" (1981) 5. "Mukombe Wemvura" (1982) 6. "Bvuma" (1983) 7. "Zvauya Sei?" (1984) 8. "Mhaka" (1985) 9. "Gona" (1986) 10. "Tuku Music" (1998) 11. "Ndega Zvangu" (2002) 12. "Tsivo" (2004) 13. "Nhava" (2005) 14. "Tsimba Itsoka" (2007) 15. "Dairai" (2008) 16. "Ziwere MuKobenhavn" (2010) 17. "Sarawoga" (2012) 18. "Abi'angu" (2014) 19. "Eheka! Nhai Yahwe" (2016) 20. "Hany'ga" (2018) I recommend checking the reliable music databases and Oliver Mtukudzi's official website for more complete and detailed information.

Answered by gpt-4

May 2, 2024, 3:07 a.m.

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Published: Thursday, May 2, 2024

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