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Announcing The New Comment Section of The Internet

The new Comment Section of The Internet is here!

One of the coolest aspects of building your own website is seeing all of the unique people that happen to come across it and being able to interact with them. That's why having comments on my website has always been intriguing. I used to have facebook comments, then disqus, and now I finally have my own comment section!

Instead of having a generic comment section, though, I wanted to make mine unique. This design harkens back to the simplicity of the early web. There's no sophisticated ranking algorithms, usernames associated with the comments, or even replies. Every comment is on the same exact playing field. I like to think of it as the blank graffiti wall of The Internet. A long list of text where you can see scroll through and see the ebbs and flows of discourse on The Internet.

Note that for now, I'm still using Disqus for comments on individual pages on my website; the official Comment Section of The Internet is what's getting the new design.

How It Works

Simply type your comment in the text box and click the Submit button and your comment will be added to The Comment Section of The Internet! A random font color will be selected for your comment.

Benefits of Having a User Account

Unregistered users can still post on The Comment Section of The Internet, but registered users have some extra features available to them:

To create an account, click here. To login to your account, click here.

I can't wait to see what the wonderful people of the internet want to talk about!

Published: Tuesday, July 12, 2022

The Internet

I'm the person who created this website and wrote this article! I sometimes like expressing myself, so I thought I'd mark out a little corner on the internet just for myself.

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