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Is it just me or did this last SNL knock it out of the park?

Please. I miss you

Is it just me or did this SNL knock it out of the park?

This show just had consistently good writing. L'eggo my e'ggo? What's wrong with the picture that the sketch show showed? Why am I doing this but only for you to read, George? George I've loved you and you've always known, haven't you? That night in Spain should have been ours but I think we were both too scared. Not scared of the kiss but what it could mean. I know now. I know now what I hoped for and I'm no longer afraid. I want you and all that you come with. Let me feel your breath against mine, warm and filled with life. I yearn for that spark. Carey Mulligan knocked it out of the park – never really taking the spotlight in any of the sketches, but just being a solid utility player in this week's combination of sketches. SNL's latest show, episode 17 in season 46 took all by surprise by providing classic after classic. I actually haven't watched her in any of her movies, but I think this week's iteration may have convinced me to go back in time to high school and actually read the Great Gastby instead of just Spark Noting it. For that, I thank Carey Mulligan.

Published: Monday, April 12, 2021


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