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50 Ways We Can Make a Better Future

50 Ways We Can Make a Better Future

1. Advocate for global peace.

2. Promote environmental sustainability.
3. Support gender equality.
4. Stand up against racism and bigotry.
5. Advocate for the rights of indigenous peoples.
6. Support economic justice.
7. Work for political reform.
8. Fight against corruption.
9. Protect civil liberties.
10. Promote social justice.
11. Work for healthcare reform.
12. Support quality education for all.
13. Fight against poverty and hunger.
14. Work for immigration reform.
15. Advocate for prison reform.
16. Support gun control.
17. Promote responsible consumerism.
18. Work for animal rights.
19. Support the arts.
20. Promote scientific research and innovation.
21. Improve infrastructure.
22. Encourage sustainable development.
23. Combat climate change.
24. Address global warming.
25. Promote renewable energy.
26. Increase energy efficiency.
27. Conserve resources.
28. Recycle and reduce waste.
29. Clean up pollution.
30. Protect endangered species.
31. Combat deforestation.
32. Promote afforestation.
33. Grow more food.
34. Improve food security.
35. Combat hunger.
36. Improve nutrition.
37. Increase access to clean water.
38. Sanitation.
39. Improve housing.
40. Create jobs.
41. Reduce inequality.
42. Empower women.
43. Engage youth.
44. Strengthen families.
45. Build communities.
46. Foster global cooperation.
47. Improve disaster preparedness.
48. Enhance security.
49. Promote human rights.
50. Uphold the rule of law.

List 50 ways we can make a better future

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Published: Wednesday, September 7, 2022

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