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"Silent Apologies"

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A mysterious abstract illustration symbolizing a complex and challenging situation.

I'm sorry, but I can't assist with this.

This story was generated by user michael9 with assistance by one of OpenAI’s large-scale language-generation model; prompts used to help generate the story are shown below.

Images were generated with OpenAI's AI system, DALL·E 2, or uploaded by the user.

AI Prompts

Prompt: Write a story about American Idol where The Judges, Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani, Ariana Grande and host Nicki Minaj treat you like a baby. Your name is Michael, you are 15 years old and have bragged that you are the best singer in the world. You even think the audition is benneath you. You are in the audition room with 200 other people, there are preparing themself for singing a song. You don't practise because you think you got this. The song you have chossen is" I feel good" by James brown. You then start to sing:" I feel good, i knew i would right now. I feel goo-". You stop singing when Gwen yells:" Oh My God, I think he peed his pants guys!!". You look down and can see a puddle with pee under your feet. You don't know what to do, you are shocked and scared. Katy Perry yells: You are right Gwen!!, and i think he has started to cry". Ariana looks at you with patronizing eyes while she starts to laughs which makes you feel more embarressed and you can feel the tears in your eyes. Nicki Minaj then runs out to the stage and says:" Wow, why did you pee your pants, are you not old enough to be here?do you still wear diapers". You are then telling them to shut up!! Gwen then says:" Michael you are clearly not old enough to this show and i think you should be dressed the way you act". You then cryingly asked what she means? Then Gwen and Katy walks down to you with a bag, Nicki then starts undresseing you. You try to fight her but with the help of Ariana they are too strong. Katy and Gwen then takes out a pink frilly diaper, a frilly bonnet, a bib, and frilly baby booties, and a pacifier, a baby bottle, a pink rattle and a frilly baby pink romper suit. Katy then says:"Gwen is right, you acted too big for your briches widdle baby and you are still crying so we are gonna help you by treating you like a baby, and if you keep fighting, me and Gwen are from texas and that means we will spank you, if you don't stop, NOW"!!. You immediately stop fighting and say:" I am sorry but please stop this i am not a baby, i am 15 years old, and that is baby girl clothes". Nicki then says:" So what! do you have anything against girl clothes?? you are acting like a spoiled crybaby brat and if you keep it up i will spank you". Gwen then puts the frilly diaper on you while she coos at you. Katy then put the frilly pink romper on you and Ariana laughs while she put the bib and baby booties on you. They all step back to admire there work but Gwen says: The cutesie patootie is missing something". She then puts the frilly bonnet on your head. You are still bawling your eyes out but then Nicki slaps the pacifier in your mouth. All the women then laugs at you. You then says:" Why did you do this, i'm.. not a baby, wahhhhhhh, mamaaaa". But it sounded like baby babbling with your pacifier in your mouth. Katy then says with a texas accent:" I am sorry baby, we can't understand that gugu gaga, awww maybe he wants some num nums or his baba? is that what him wants huh"?. Ariana then says:" Awwww i think the baby waby need his rattle, coochie coooh baby, wow dude, you look so pathetic haha". She the force the rattle in your hand. Gwen then says:" Aww loook at him shaking his widdle rattle, maybe we should make him dance in his widdle baby romper, i think my 1 year old niece got an outfit like that, but she is way more mature than widdle mikey pooh here haha". You start gaining courage to stand up to these dumb ladies. You spit out your pacifier and throws the rattle at Ariana, but then Katy and Nicki jumps you. Nicki then says: I warned you baby, naughty naugthy". She then puts you on Katys knee. Katy then says again with texan accent:" BAd baby, now you will be spanked in you cute widdle pink frilly romper, diaper and bonnet. She then starts to spanks you and you start to kick your legs while crying like a crybaby. Gwen is comforting Ariana, who is walking towards you furious shen the joins in and spanks you harder than Katy. You scream:" I AM SORRY ARIANA, I AM SORRY GWEN WAAAHHHH, I AM SOORRRY Katy Perry, I AM A... I WANT MY MAMMMA WAAHHH". The girls then laughs at you. Ariana then laughs at you while saying:" AWWW look girls we made him say it, haha, you were a bad baby waby but aunt ariana forgives you cutesie patootie, awww is that bottom getting red huh? coochie cooh". She then starts to shakes the rattle in front you and gives you patronizing tickles under your cheek. When Nicki lif you from Katys laps she then says:" Hmmm maybe the baby is cranky cause the widdle tantrum princces needs a baba, like aunt katy suggested, huh? Wants some num nums cranky pants". Gwen agrees and says: Awww i think he does, come to aunt Stefani widdle princces poopie pants". Nicki then force you on Gwens lap. Ariana then gives Gwen the bottle with a laugh, while still shaking a rattle in front of Michael. Gwen then says: Open up for the chooo choo train chooo choo, come on precious mikey pooh, open up for the airplane baby waby, to grow big and strong you need your milky from your baba schnookums haha ". You keep your mouth shut but a stern look from Nicki and Katy makes you open your mouth and drink. Nicki then talks to the camera: Wow people, we thought we had a talented young boy, but it turns out he is s widdle overgrown mamas boy, huh?who still drink from his baba and uses pacifiers, diapers and cute bonnet, coochie coooh mikey" haha. Gwen then burps you while you squriming. You unwillingly let out a big burp and the ladies laugh and coos at you. Gwen then lets you up but Ariana slaps a pacifier in your mouth and warned you not to spit it out or else they will spank you again. You try to walk but you can't because of your big frilly diaper, baby romper and booties. You end up sitting on the floor. Gwen, Katy and Ariana who already knew the plan all cooed in unison:" awwwww a overgrown baby waby, coochie cooh". When you crawled to the stage. Katy then said condescending: Awww are you lost widdle baby, this is not the nurserey or kindergarten". Gwen said:" Katy stop, be nice to the widdle guy or he is gonna pee his diaper haha, don't be scared mikey pooh, how old are you"? Michael know he has to answer in a baby voice so this can stop:" i am 15 years old gugu". Ariana then says:" No way what, a 15 year old over grown infant haha, re you looking for a mama, or maybe a pram you can take a nappy nap in haha, coochie coooh". Katy then says:" Jokes aside, what are you gonne perform for us widdle mikey". Nicki then says:" So what do we think of our litte princces twinkle toe". She then picks you up and carries you on her hip while waiting for the result. Gwen is the first to speak and she can't hold her laugh back while saying:" Wow i think you are too widdle for this competition schnookums maybe when you are not in diapers and you don't play with baby rattle and when you are not dependt on your pacifier, so it's a no from me, but don't cry baby there is still a chance". Ariana is next she says:" Mikey pooh it's a no from me too, haha, you are to immature for this show and look at you, we would have to drive you around in a stroller or a pram or change your poopie diapers, i'm gonna have to agree with gwen, cutesie patootie".. Nicki then says:" That's too bad baby boy aww don't cry yet, cooochie cooh". Shen then gave you a patronizing red lipstick kiss on your cheek which left a mark. Katy then said:" It dosen't look good huh baby, i am sorry too spoil your dreams. You did look precious shaking your rattle and in that frilly bonnet, falling on you diaper romper butt. But even my 3 year old niece can dance better than you baby waby, maybe she could teach you, you do have mathcing bonnet and tutus, haha". You start too cry and poop you diaper on Nickis hip. Katy then says:" See this is what we mean, you are just a big old mamas boy, wait can you smell that, oh no, P.U sissy mikey made a boom boom in his diaper, haha even my niece is potty trained, wow, it's a no from me precious pooopie schnookums". Nicki then said:" Yes mikey pooh has indeed pooped his diaper i can smell it, P.U Baby". Nicki then says" well cutesie patootie, i think its time you crawled out of here baby waby, it's a no from the judges and i need to make the next contestant ready, but before that judges, could you please come up here and say good bye to crybaby mikey". Gwen, Ariana and Katy then walked up and started to cooh at Michael condescending and they gave him patronizing kisses on the face and cheeks so he was covered with red lipsticks marks. They each then took a turn bouncing michael on their knee while saying goodbye in front of the camera. Gwen bounced Michael and said:" It was such fun to have a widdle baby waby on our show, awwwww bye byes mikey pooh, coochie coooh". She then gave him a last tickle under his chin and gave him to ariana. Ariana then also bounced michael and pinch his cheeek that were red with lipstick marks. She then said:" Awww baby wabby i know you threw a tantrum, but it was fun to have a widdle princces cranky butt on the show, and i can't wait to see how this episode is gonna look on tv baby pooh, bye bye precious cutesie patootsie". She then gives Michael to Katy who give michael another big sloppy red lipstick kiss on the face and says:" Awww im gonna miss you poopie pants, it was fun, but P.U. you still smell. Hopefully you can find your friends who can change you, baby waby, bye bye sweetie pie". Nicki then takes you and force you in a pram while she says: "Ladies and Gents this was mikey cutesie patootie". She the straps you in the pram and whispers in your ear:" Were gonna show the world, all what happend to you and not cut anything from the recording haha".

Response: I'm sorry, but I can't assist with this.

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