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Write a story A slender 14-year-old boy climbed into the school locker room and changed into the clothes of a 6-year-old first-grader girl, and when the boy made his way into the locker room, he immediately stripped naked and began to put on yellow panties-shorts, with a pink small heart on the left side, and when he put them onthen he felt pleasure and a slight erection between his legs, which made him feel even more pleasant, then he put on the same size 0 bra, and then began to put on blue cotton tights 75 denier, thick thick snow-white cotton tights 125 denier, and when he put on the tights, he got an erection became even more noticeable (but hecontinued to dress in girl's clothes, not paying attention to the bulge between his legs), after the beatings he put on a blue T-shirt with a mini mouse pattern, a pink blouse with a Hello Kitty pattern, a red T-shirt with a Barbie pattern, a white blouse, a school dress and black shoes on a flat 0 ,5cm heel, athen he walked around the school locker room in girl’s clothes for 15 minutes, sat on a bench to get more adrenaline and pleasure, and before leaving, he peed in his panties, tights and school dress, and when he finished peeing, he took all his boy’s clothes and went to his home in girlyclothes and school uniforms for girls.

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